Frequently Asked Questions

How can I deposit into my live casino account ?

To play your favourite table games on Ladbrokes Live Casino you can simply transfer funds from your other Ladbrokes wallets to the Gaming Wallet.  To do so, simply log in to your account and visit the banking section where you will be required to choose how much you would like to transfer to the Gaming Wallet.  For more information on how to transfer funds, please log in to your account and visit the banking section.

What tables can I play on and do all players have the same staking levels?

 - We offer network tables for our full range of Ladbrokes Live Dealer products (Blackjack, Roulette, Holdem, Hi-Lo and Baccarat) and also offer exclusive tables for Ladbrokes players only.

 - If you play on a network table, you may be playing with individuals from other betting operators. Other players may have different min/max staking levels to yours.

Will my old Ladbrokes Live Casino account work with the new Ladbrokes Live Casino?

All of your account details will remain the same.  To play all of your favourite Ladbrokes Live Casino games, simply log in with the same username and password you created when you first signed up to become Ladbrokes Live Casino player.

Where can I find additional help regarding Ladbrokes Live Casino's games and features?

For additional information regarding Ladbrokes Live Casino's games and features, please see our Games rules page here. You can also contact our friendly support team by via Live Chat, email or telephone. To get in touch with us please click here, or send an email to

Where is the Ladbrokes Live Casino situated?

The new Ladbrokes Live Casino is located in the heart of Latvia and is filmed live 24/7 so you can play whenever you like.

How do I know the games at Ladbrokes Live Casino are fair?

Ladbrokes Live Casino's dealers have all be trained to meet the highest casino standards. All of our tables are monitored and recorded 24/7, while our pit bosses supervise the action to ensure the fairest game play possible.

How do I start talking to other Ladbrokes Live Casino players?

When you first take a seat at any of Ladbrokes Live Casino's tables, you'll see three panels at the top of the window.  The left-hand panel contains the live chat window.  It also shows you which number the roulette ball landed on for the current round. To chat with dealers and other Ladbrokes Live Casino players, simply enter your message  into the text field located at the bottom of the top left panel and press ‘Enter' on your keyboard, or click the chat icon.  Your chat messages, as well as the messages sent by other players and dealers, will be displayed in the middle of the panel. 

What will happen to my game/bet if I lose my internet connection?

- If you lose your connection while playing on Ladbrokes Live Casino's Roulette or Baccarat tables, the game will continue as normal and your bet will still count.  Any winnings you accumulate as a result of your bet will be added to your Ladbrokes account.  You can view the results of your game/bets by clicking the ‘History' button located in the top right corner of the Ladbrokes Live Casino dealer window. 

- If you lose your connection while playing on Ladbrokes Live Casino's Blackjack or Casino Hold'em tables you will need to log back into the casino after you re-establish your internet connection.  Once you have logged backed in, you will be redirected to a non-live version of your game so you can finish your hand.  The cards you were playing, and the cards that were on the table when you lost your connection, will be carried over to the non-live version of the game.  You can return to Ladbrokes Live Casino tables once you finish your hand.

- In some cases the video stream may allow you to see dealer cards drawn or revealed after your disconnection. These cards are not carried over to the non-live game round.

How do I view my old account history when playing on Ladbrokes new Live Casino?

You will not be able to view your old account history, however Ladbrokes maintains a record of your entire account activity.  To request a copy of your account history, you can contact customer support by clicking here, or by sending an email to

What Is A "Pending Withdrawal"?

When you request a withdrawal, it is processed by Ladbrokes Vegas and then credited to your bank/e-wallet account.

Whilst the withdrawal is being processed by us, it is in a held status. As long as the withdrawal is in a held status you will be able to request for it to be cancelled.

You can check if your withdrawal is held via the Statement section on 'My Account'. Withdrawals are generally held for 3-6 Business days between Mondays – Fridays.

What games can I play on the new online Ladbrokes Live Casino?

You can choose from six live dealer tables when you sign up to play with the new online Ladbrokes Live Vegas Casino.  We offer several versions of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and our very own version of Casino Hold'Em where it's just you against the dealer.  You can also now play two games of Roulette at once in Ladbrokes Live Casino's Dual Roulette, or play a side game while playing on a Live Casino table for twice as many chances to win big.