A Beginner’s Guide To Live HI-LO

Hi-Lo Rules 


A round begins when there is a base card on the light device in front of the dealer and in the center of the virtual table.

In case a base card is not placed on the light device (for example, for newly opened tables, or after a game was cancelled), the dealer burns 3 cards and then places the base card on the appropriate position on the light device. This card is also shown in the middle of the virtual game table.

Please note, that if the base card is a 2, Lower position on the table is disabled. If the base card is an Ace, then Higher position is disabled.

You cannot place a bet on multiple positions. Once you choose a position, you can move the bet to another position and increase or decrease it. The amount of your total bet is shown on the position you made the bet on as well as the Bet field on the dashboard.

Players are given a limited time to place their bets. The time allowed to place varies, depending on the configuration of each table.

 After the No More Bets signal, dealer burns 3 more cards and turns the fourth – result card – face up on the appropriate position on the light device. This card is also shown in the middle of the virtual game table.

Once the round is confirmed the burnt cards are returned into the shuffling machine along with the previous base card.

The result card of the round becomes the base card for the next round.

If you lost the round, the stake is taken off the table. If you won the round, your winnings are added to your stake and it is moved from the betting position to the Stake position in the middle of the game table.

Even if the bet amount is now bigger than maximum position betting limit, the winnings from the previous round still stay on the table and are moved to the Stake position. They can be used as a bet in the next round, but it is not possible to add to the stake. However, since the amount of winnings cannot exceed the Max position payout, if your stake potentially might allow you to go above the Max position payout, the betting positions on the table that would exceeded the Max position payout if you won this round, are disabled. (See also: Bet Limits section.)

If you do not wish to bet using your winnings or need to decrease the amount of your stake, use the Collect All or Collect Some buttons on the dashboard. The money you won is then transferred to your accounts. New bets can still be placed in the beginning of the next game round. 

Bet limits


Table Limits panel on the left side of the game table displays the limits of the current table.

Max position payout is the limit for the possible game round winnings defined for each betting position. The payout for each betting position is marked in the lower right corner of each position. If a win would result in payout larger than the max payout of a position, then the relevant betting position is disabled and it is not possible to place a bet on it. 

Please see below the payouts for each position:


Position  Payout 
Ace  x11.56
King&Ace x5.78 
Black x1.92 
Red  x1.92
2-5 x2.89
6-9  x2.89
J-A  x2.89
Higher  Sum depends on the current odds
Snap  x12.06 
Lower  Sum depends on the current odds